Ranunculus Elegance Dark Pink

From Rijnsburg auction Ranunculus Elegance Dark Pink
£0.55 per stem

Ranunculus Elegance Dark Pink 45cm (also known as 'Little Frog' because they naturally grow near water) is a lovely Pink cut flower - wholesaled in Batches of 50 stems. Ideal for floristry work & wedding flowers.

45 cm approx
Sold in
Batches of 50 stems
£ (ex. VAT)

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Ranunculus have a rose shaped flower and are a genus of the Ranunculaceae family, which includes flowers like buttercups, spearworts and water crowfoot. All species of ranunculus are poisonous to cattle, horses and other livestock. The name for ranunculus is Latin for 'little frog', ('rana' - meaning frog). Many wild species are found near water and this is probably the reason.

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Other Ranunculus

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(Sold in batches of 50 stems)
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Ranunculus Amandine Bonbon
From Rijnsburg auction Ranunculus Amandine Bonbon
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