Triangle Nursery Brexit Statement

The management at Triangle Nursery ltd have been working on plans for exiting the EU as at the 31/10/19, and despite the uncertainty facing the UK currently would like to clarify our Brexit position for you. 

Clearing agents have been appointed at all European & UK ports, who will be responsible for drawing up the appropriate export/import declarations required should we leave the EU on 31/10/19 without a deal.  The European clearing agents will inform the UK customs once our products are in transit and their estimated time of arrival is known, so that clearance can be processed.

There is no legislative policy in place yet with regard to levies or tariffs that will be charged on the cut flower sector, however we do have everything in place with our EORI and TSP accounts that if these are applied there should be no delays at the point of entry of our goods. We are also compliant with all DEFRA regulations so that any plant health issues are fully traceable.

Our transportation companies within the EU hold CEMT permits that will ensure that there are no restrictions on their legal entry into the UK after Brexit.

We do also have the advantage of being in close proximity to both of the ports of Harwich and Felixstowe and within easy driving distance of the Channel Tunnel. All of our consignments are delivered on water and so if there should be any initial delays this will not affect the quality of our products.

We do stress that this is a moving picture and is being reviewed constantly up until the point that our government has made a firm decision on the departure from the EU.

Please be sure that we are working hard to achieve as little disruption as possible to our regular working.

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