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As a leading wholesale flower, foliage and floral sundry supplier, Triangle Nursery have created the perfect online ordering system for professional supply throughout the UK. It offers an effective way of purchasing your wholesale florist supplies, all from one site, at the most competitive prices – your ultimate ‘One Stop Shop’.

Our Online Shop offers thousands of varieties of fresh cut wholesale flowers, foliage and florist supplies. All cut flowers and foliage are shown with live market prices*, stem lengths, number of stems per bunch, different grades and all pictured in full colour! Every item can be ordered at the price shown on the day, ensuring that everything fits your budget – on top of that, we will deliver directly to your address, saving you travelling time and expenses.

All wholesale fresh cut flowers and foliage displayed on our web site are ‘non stock’ items, meaning that each and every item on your order will be specifically purchased at Aalsmeer Flower Auction in Holland and/or directly from the grower. Nothing is taken from general stock, ensuring the freshest possible flowers. In fact, many products shown on our web site these days are literally ‘cut to order’ by the grower specifically for your order!).

Orders placed on our wholesale Online Shop can be delivered to any address in mainland UK or collected from us by local customers. There is no minimum order value required – buy exactly what you need and no more!

It is very easy to set up a wholesale flower and florist supplies account with us – simply click on the account section of our Online Shop & follow the instructions. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on getting started!

What are the benefits of using Triangle Nursery’s Online Shop?


  • 1000’s of cut flower varieties, foliage & novelties available each day.
  • A ‘One Stop Shop’ for wholesale cut flowers, foliage and floral accessories.
  • No minimum order value required – buy exactly what you need.
  • All fresh flowers & foliage purchased specifically, ensuring only the freshest possible produce.
  • Pay the published prices, thus ensuring no nasty surprises.
  • Regular special offers on various products.
  • Can be used for Floral Sundry only orders.
  • A huge library of information available 24 hours a day in full colour.


*All published prices are ex VAT and delivery charges, (if applicable). All prices are valid only on the day of publication and corresponding delivery date.



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