How to Revive your Wilted Hydrangeas

There is nothing shy about Hydrangeas, their enormous pom-pom heads with star-shaped blooms epitomise beauty. 


The woody-stemmed flowers do, however, have a tendency to droop before their time. The flower heads can sometimes be revived when they wilt to restore the beauty of your arrangement. There are several common reasons flowers don't get enough water (1) the channel that takes water up through the stem is blocked by an air bubble (2) the end of the woody stem is crushed (3) the leaves remaining on the stem draw off moisture from the flower. Here are some tips & tricks from our floral experts to help revive your Hydrangea 

Flower Care

  1. Cut the stems at an angle with a sharp pair of scissors or knife by 2 to 3cm and slit up the stems vertically by about 2cm to increase the surface area
  2. Lay the wilted Hydrangea in a large sink or bath of water and submerge (the entire flower, flower head, and stem) for a couple of hours or overnight to push any air blocks out of the stems and let the water get to the flower head.
  3. After an hour or so of 'drinking' the water in, they will no longer be dehydrated and full again. If you continue to experience any problems, contact the supplier for further guidance or a replacement