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Gerbera were named after the German naturalist Traugtt Gerber and are a genus of the sunflower family. Gerbera is also known as the Transvaal Daisy or Barberton Daisy. All gerbera have a central capitulum, which is composed of hundreds of individual flowers, surrounded by numerous florets creating the shape of a daisy.


A uniquely stunning flower, Gloriosa is a genus of the Colchicaceae family. Gloriosa is also known as The Flame Lily, Fire Lily, Glory Lily, Superb Lily and Creeping Lily. Gloriosa is native to Africa and Asia and is the national flower of Zimbabwe - it is also the state flower of Tamil Nadu in India.


Gypsophila, otherwise known as Baby's Breath or simply 'Gyp' in the floristry trade, is a genus of the Caryophyllaceae family. Gypsophila naturally grows on calcium rich soils including gypsum - hence the name gypsophila! It's botanical name literally means 'lover of chalk'.

Genista (Broom)

Genista is a varirty of Broom.


Gentiana is a genus of the Gentianaceae family. Although this is a very large family, there are only a few varieties available as a cut flower in the UK.


Gladioli is a genus of the Iridaceae family and are cultivated from corms. The word ‘gladioli’ is derived from the Latin word ‘gladius’ – meaning ‘sword’. This is because the shape of the gladiolus is similar to that of a sword.

Gomphrena (Strawberry Fields)

Gomphrena Strawberry Fields, (real name Gomphrena Haageana), is a herbacious plant and is native to Mexico and Texas.


Grevillea is a flowering evergreen plant native to Australia and is a genus of the Proteaceae family. Grevillea has a number of common names that include Spider Flower, Spiderman, Silky Oak, Bush Lollies and Bush Toothbrush.

Gossypium (Cotton)

Gossypium Hirsutum, (otherwise known as Mexican Cotton and Upland Cotton), is planted for the manufacture of cotton and is native to America.

Galax Leaves (Galax Urceolata)

Galax leaves, (otherwise known as Wandplant, Wandflower and Beetleweed), is a genus of the Diapensiaceae family and is native to southeast America. Galax grows in shaded forest areas in altitudes up to 1500 meters.