Wispy Ornamental Grass Design


Step by Step Guide

  1. Condition and prepare the grasses before you start the arrangement
  2. First, create one of the elements to be added to the arrangement at the end. Using the grass, pierce a hole and slide the hypericum berries onto grass. Repeat the process for roughly 10 to 20 stems to be added later
  3. Create a hand-tie with the Eremurus in your hand creating a spiral effect 

  4. Add a hand full of steel grass or beargrass into the centre of the eremurus 

  5. Next, add a collar of the setaria grass around the Eremurus 

  6. Next, using the same principle add the panicum fountain grass to create a collar

  7. Integrate the Briza and steel grass with hypericum berries for further texture and character 

  8. Secure the tying point with twine and raffia. Cut the stems and position into a vase of water ready for placement in a lobby, restaurant or corporate environment.