Christmas DIY Posy Gift Basket Arrangement in White and Green Flowers


Step by Step Instructions

  1. On receipt, condition all of the flowers and greenery supplied in the kit overnight (or at least for a couple of hours). Simply, follow the conditioning advice on the leaflet found in the box.

  2. Soak the floral foam in water for a couple of minutes. In a sink or bucket of water, float the foam brick on the water and wait until it has sunk to the bottom of the container. Do not force the foam into the water. 

  3. Start by attaching and securing the floral foam brick to the bsket. Using a knife, cut the brick in half and stack on top of the other in the basket and tape into the basket using the anchor tape supplied in the kit. 

  4. Once the flowers and greenery have been conditioned, work with the greenery first. Begin by creating an outline with the greenery supplied. Cut the greenery into smaller pieces. 

  5. Top tip: Remember to work with and integrate the basket into the design. Add the greenery (and flowers) in, around and through the handles. This will ensure the basket is an integral part of the composition and does not look as though is has been placed on top of the basket.

  6. Next add the spray roses to the design to further reinforce the shape created by the greenery.

  7. Next, add the focal flowers to the design: roses. Cut the stems at an angle, slit up the stems to increase the surface area exposed to the water and remove the guard petals (if desired).

  8. Top tip: Depending on the quality, remember to use the rose foliage to fill in gaps low in the design.

  9. Continue to add the intermediate flowers to help reinforce the shape and emphasise the focal flowers. YOu can break up one stem into a couple of stems to distribute evenly in the design.

  10. Finally add the spray chrysanthemum at a low position to give recession. 

  11. Fill in any gaps with leftover greenery.