Whats in My Florist Box?


For any project, it is important to have the basic tools in your florist box to make sure that you are prepared! 


Shopping List:

Cable Ties

Carbon Blade Floristry Scissors

Chrysal Liquid Flower Food

Floristry Knife

Mossing Twine - Green

Rose Thorn Strippers

Tape Achor 12mm

Tape Clear Waterproof

Wire Green Stub 23cm x 0.71mm (2.5kg)

Rose Wire 18cm x 0.38mm (1kg)


  1. Florist Knife: These small blades are hand-sized and are easy to hold and use. You can easily have the flower in one hand and this handy tool in the other. They are sharp for a clean cut.

  2. Thorn Strippers: Otherwise known as de-thorners, they are a valuable tool and will save your hands that painful prick of the finger! Designed to strip the entire rose stem clear of the thorns quickly! This is not detrimental for the rose stem. 

  3. Wires: From supporting the stem internally and externally to stitch wiring leaves and pinning back the sepals, there are different wires that you will need depending on the type of work you do regularly. 

  4. Twine: Perfect to use to secure the tying point easily and it is biodegradeable. If you are looking to create a rustic theme, the natural colour is favoured to finish off buttonholes, bouquets and to create bows with. Also sold in green. 

  5. Tapes: An essential in a florist box for all types of arrangement. Anchor tape is available in different widths (6mm or 12mm) and can be used to secure the stems of a bouquet, secure floral foam or chicken wire to a container. Parafilm tape is commonly used for creating buttonholes, circlets or corsages.