How to Make a Large Vase Design with Hydrangea and Anigozanthos


Time: 5 to 10 minutes 

Are you looking for a extraordinary vase arrangement that doesn't take too much input - here is the perfect arrangement! Bursting with colour, style and texture, this arrangement is a real eye-catcher! 

The member of the Rose Hip family has a distinguished look and is easy to combine with a range of flowers, including this choice of pinks and lilacs. 

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Fill your vase with fresh, clean water. 

  2. Start with the Hydrangea, using 3 stems. Cut off a small piece of the ends of the stem (at a 45 degree angle and slit up the stem to increase the surface area). Place the Hydrangea stem at a diagonal angle and create a triangle with the 3 stems.
  3. Now add the Rose Hips, placing them between the Hydrangeas

  4. Add the Anigozanthus and then the Veronica to fill in any gaps. 

  5. Display your vase in a dining room, window display or at a function!