How to Make a Floral Design with Bird Cages


Can you hear the church bells? The week is All about Bird Cages; creating pretty centrepieces for weddings and christenings. Also, perfect for giving as a gift for birthdays and other special occasions. 

Stream Date: 03/05/2019 Length: 28:33

Find all the ingredients on the right-hand side for what you will need for this demonstration.

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Step by Step Guide

  1. Prepare your container, floral foam and condition the flowers before you start working with them. 
  2. Position the dish with floral foam secured with anchor tape into the decorative birdcage.
  3. Start by adding in the greenery to create the base and collar of the arrangement. Holding the floral foam with one hand, insert the greenery at an angle through the birdcage with the other hand. 
  4. Next, add the roses to the design. Insert the flower stem through the birdcage holding the floral foam with one hand. 
  5. Optional (and season dependent): Add the peonies to the floral design in the centre of the design. 

  6. Continue to add the lisianthus, as well as the buds to the design. 

  7. Finally, add the Alchemilla Mollis to the design to add a lime green palette to the floral design. Cutting into smaller pieces (approx. 5-7 breaks per stem) and insert into the foam.