How to Make a Country Garden Floral Design


Looking for a statement design to incorporate both seasonal flowers and pastel, lilac shades, we have the perfect design for you. Ideal for weddings, events and corporate occasions to promote your brand. 

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Step by Step Guide

  1. Prepare the floral foam and condition the flowers before you start working with them. 

  2. Begin by lining and creating a collar the base of kasket spray with the fatsia leaves. 

  3. Create a hair pin with the green stub wire and pin the moss into the floral foam. Taking the carpet moss, position onto the kasket spray and pin with the wire. 

  4. Using the delphinium, create a line along the kasket spray at the back 

  5. Next, add the campanula lampion to the design. Position in front of the delphinum following the same line keeping it structural. 
  6. Add the eryngium sirius and english delphiniums to the design lower in the design. 

  7. Add the softer clematis and veronica spray to the design. Slitting up the stems to help the flower drink more readily. You can add the veronica spray and any leftovers to the base under the moss (above fatsia leaves) to reinforce the base. 
  8. Continue to add the ammi majus, inserting in-between pieces of the moss as if it is resting on the moss layer.
  9. Finally, add the roses to the design. Fit in and around the rest of the arrangement bringing the colour down through the design.