How to Make a Country Garden Floral Design


Looking for a statement design to incorporate both seasonal flowers and pastel, lilac shades, we have the perfect design for you. Ideal for weddings, events and corporate occasions to promote your brand. 

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Find all of the ingredients on the right-hand side for what you will need for this demonstration. 

1 x 10 Delphinium Elatum 

1 x 20 Rose Lilac (your choice) 

1 x 20 Ammi Majus Visnaga 

1 x 10 Campanula Lampion Blue 

1 x 10 Eryngium Sirius Questar 

1 x 10 Clematis Lilac/ Purple (your choice)

1 x 20 Veronica Caya Spray 

1 x bunch Aralia Orca Leaves 

1 x 1 Carpet Moss

1 x 1 Floral Foam Kasket 920 x 190 x 80mm