How to Make an Easter Wreath for your door


Stream Date: 19/04/2019 Length: 28:29

Step by Step Guide

  1. Soak the floral foam ring in water before you start working with it. Rest on the top of the water and wait until it has fully submerged. Do not force the floral foam down as you may cause airblocks

  2. Cut the greenery (pistache, olive branches) into smaller pieces and add into the base on the outer and inner part of the floral foam. Make sure you hide the plastic base
  3. Next, add the Eucalyptus to the arrangement. Using it as a recession, tucking it in low to cover up the floral foam

  4. For the next step, add the tulips to the arrangement. On this occasion, we are not wiring the tulips as they are being tucked low into the floral foam

  5. Next, add the Ranunculus to the design. Cutting the stems short and adding into the floral foam quite low and deeply to ensure they do not droop (as the stems can be quite weak).

  6. Add the Ranunculus buds to the arrangement for further texture 

  7. Finally, add the viburnum opulus to the design, cutting and adding low into the design for recession adding a lime green colour to the design 

  8. Display the arrangement on a table for a dinner party, hang on your door or for an event in Spring