How to Make a Hand-tie Bouquet


Stream Date: 02/03/2018 Length: 37:40

Top Tips

  1. Condition and prepare the flowers before you start working with them flowers. 

  2. Make sure all of the greenery is removed below the water line. 

  3. Recipe: 5 stems of spray chrysanthemums, 5 stems of Roses, 3 stems of lilies, 5 stems of Germini and assorted foliage. 

  4. Remove the guard petals from the roses (not detrimental to the longevity) to make them look more aesthitically pleasing. 

  5. Externally wire the germini / gerbera to support the stems in the bouquet. It is not detrimental or effect the cell structure for the flower. It allows you to manipulate the position of the heads. 

  6. Start by creating a base of greenery keeping the tying point in one place and using the spiral technique. 

  7. Add a lily in the centre of the bouquet, adding the other flowers into the design working in a circular motion.
  8. Imagine your hand like a vase, if you would like to add to the bouquet loosen slightly and tighten again.