How to Make a Cascading Wedding Bouquet with Peonies


The ravishing ruffles, hues from soft to seductive, nuptial symbolism and undoubtedly, their ability to add a statement look. This week we are incorporating the beloved peony, our Flower of the Month into a cascading wedding bouquet. 

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Recipe: (Find on the right hand side) 

1 x 3 Gypsophila Snowball 

1 x 7 Rose Bridal Nude 

1 x bunch of Eucalyptus 

1 x 7 Stocks White 

1 x 6 Peony White 

1 x 7 Astilbe White 

1 x 5 Dendrobium White 

1 x 1 Bouquet Holder (Angled) 

1 x  Green Stub Wire 0.71mm 

Floristry Tool Box Essentials 

1 x 1 Satin Ribbon White 10mm