How to Make a Cascading Wedding Bouquet with Peonies


The ravishing ruffles, hues from soft to seductive, nuptial symbolism and undoubtedly, their ability to add a statement look. This week we are incorporating the beloved peony, our Flower of the Month into a cascading wedding bouquet. 

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Top Tips for Shower Bouquet

  1. If you are creating a shower bouquet, it is important to hook wire the stems that will be in the base (long and draping) to anchor them in. As the bride walks down the aisle, there is considerable movement and they tend heavier. 
  2. Draping greenery to use in this style of bouquet would be Eucalyptus, Soft Ruscus, Asparagus, Ivy, Senecio, Pittosporum Ralphii and much more. 

  3. With the roses, you can remove the guard petals to make them more aesthetically pleasing. You can also pin back the sepals to hold back the development of the bloom.