How to Make an Urn Arrangement for an Event


Looking to create a large statement masterpiece? We have just the arrangement for you. Opulent seasonal blooms, Grecian urns and luscious foliage; all perfect to create a spectacular design for weddings, events and even exhibition displays! 

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Step by Step Guide

  1. Condition the flowers and foliage before you start working with them overnight in buckets of water with flower food. 

  2. Soak a brick of floral foam in water and add it to the urn container. 

  3. Secure the floral foam by using anchor tape 12mm (shown in the video). 

  4. Start by adding the delphiniums to the arrangement into the centre of the design, removing some of the lower flowers on the delphinium stems. Keep the removed blooms as you can use in a buttonhole or in jam jars for other decorations. 

  5. Next, add the Hydrangea to the design around the collar of the urn. 

  6. Store the arrangement in a cool, low lit environment overnight before you place in the venue for the event or wedding. You can spray the Hydrangea to keep well hydrated whilst in the floral foam.