How to Make a Seasonal Mother's Day Posy


Top Tips

  1. Spring flower stems have bulky stems and they are not always easy to put into the oasis. Make sure you leave a clear pathway for the flowers. Once you have finished with the flowers, you can add the greenery to hide the oasis. 

  2. Just like Gerbera, is it a good idea to wire Tulips. Tulips will grow and bend to the light. The technique is called Semi External Wiring; you simply push the wire into the stem approx 2 to 3cm below the head and then fold the wire around the stem. This technique will keep the stem rigid and upright. 
  3. With 'hollow' stemmed flowers, make sure you cut the end of the stems 'flat.' This is because if you cut at an angle, the pointed end of the stem is very weak and will not go into the oasis with ease. 

  4. Daffodils have soft, hollow stems that make them difficult to put into the oasis. The best way to strengthen the stem is by threading a residual stem (of freesia or other blooms) up the hollow stem of the daffodil. Alternatively, you could use wire.