How to Make a Watermelon with Flowers


Step by Step Guide

  1. Condition and prepare the flowers before you start working with them. We recommend to receive the flowers 2 to 3 days prior to the event to ensure time for development and hydration

  2. Create the shape with the sphere, using a knife to remove a slice of the 'watermelon' and shaping to your preference 

  3. Start by adding an edge of Chrysanthemum White Stallion (santini) to the top edge of the sphere

  4. Once you have defined the edge, you can add the inner part of the watermelon. Here, we have used Craspedia Dyed Red to resemble the colour, but you could also use dyed spray chrysanthemum or another preferred flower bloom

  5. Add black diamante pieces to parts of the inner section to resemble the seeds or pips

  6. Next, add the chrysanthemum feeeling green or code green to the outer part of the watermelon to resemble the skin / shell. Follow the line and cherry picking sizes
  7. For additional texture, use hard ruscus leaves, securing with steel pins into the floral foam. Follow the line and pattern of the watermelon
  8. Continue with the same process to complete the whole watermelon

  9. You can also create a small slice to position next to the watermelon