Anthurium Tropical x 12

From Rijnsburg auction Anthurium Tropical x 12
£1.20 per stem

ANTHURIUM TROPICAL are a Red variety. Wholesaled Batches of 12 stems stems per box. As with all tropical flowers Anthuriums prefer the warm, so do not refrigerate.

13 cm approx
Sold in
Batches of 12 stems
£ (ex. VAT)

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Anthuriums, (otherwise known as The Flamingo Flower, Flamingo Lily, Boy Flower, Painted Tongue or Willies on Plates by some cheeky florists!!), are a genus of the Arum family. Anthuriums are native to the tropical Americas and grow naturally in many forms, bushy or climbing with roots that can dangle from a rainforest canopy all the way to the floor!

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Other Anthuriums

Anthurium acropolis x 12
From Rijnsburg auction Anthurium acropolis x 12
Price: £1.62 per stem
(Sold in batches of 12 stems)
Length: 13cm approx
From Aalsmeer auction ANTHURIUM ACURA x 12
Price: £1.87 per stem
(Sold in batches of 12 stems)
Length: N/A
Anthurium Acura x 10
From Rijnsburg auction Anthurium Acura x 10
Price: £1.82 per stem
(Sold in batches of 10 stems)
Length: 15cm approx
Anthurium acropolis x 16
From Rijnsburg auction Anthurium acropolis x 16
Price: £1.51 per stem
(Sold in batches of 16 stems)
Length: 11cm approx

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