Triangle Nursery Sustainability

In August 2022, Triangle Nursery relocated it's wholesale flower business to the Eco-Friendly Bentwaters Park in Suffolk UK, where all resident companies are powered by Green Electricity, produced by an onsite Anaerobic Digester Plant situated no more than a quarter of a mile away from our brand new, fully insulated premises.

Over the past few years we have been steadily moving our range of packaging products towards a more environmentally friendly situation.

Today, (in 2024), we are extremely proud to announce that 98% of all packaging materials used are either cardboard or paper-based.

The last few remaining plastic-based products will be replaced just as soon as technology permits.

Plastic bags used for packing kit components and small items have now been replaced with Compostable & Biodegradable bags. After use, they can be simply disposed of in a food waste bin.

Inside Triangle Nursery, all cleaning products are now supplied by SMOL and the toilet paper by Who Gives A Crap.

A number of years ago, we replaced our own fleet of delivery vehicles by partnering with DPD as our preferred delivery company for all UK wide orders.

DPD are comitted to making every parcel carbon neutral - they do this by measuring, reducing and offsetting CO2 emissions, which contributes hugley to a more environmentally responsible approach to sustainable logistics.

We believe that our ongoing commitment to environmental and sustainable practices only enhances our brand reputation and fits perfectly with our ECO-conscious customer expectations.

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