Terms & Conditions

The terms Triangle Nursery Ltd make products available to you affect your rights and liabilities under the law. If you are not in total agreement with these Terms and Conditions please do not use the Triangle Nursery Ltd web site. It is not possible to place an order on our web site without agreeing to our terms & conditions. Please note, when a customer requests that Triangle Nursery process an order on their behalf, the customer is also in total agreement with our terms & conditions. All order confirmations include a link to our terms & conditions.


Coronavirus Update (COVID-19)

On the 11th March 2020, the World Health Organisation upgraded the Coronavirus outbreak to a worldwide pandemic and this became a 'known event' on 13th March 2020. During this difficult and testing time, please check and confirm with your clients before ordering flowers that the event is still going ahead. Credits for orders placed on or after Friday 13th March will not be issued. Cancellations are not being issued if the flowers have been brought from the flower markets or suppliers. 

*This statement overrides all other references to our credit procedure in these terms and conditions until this situation changes. Please also refer to our updated Coronavirus statement on the web site here.



All prices are clearly set out in our online shop and our daily UK stock holding price list. In the unlikely event an item or items have been inadvertently priced incorrectly we will not be liable to supply any such item or items to you at the price stated provided that we notify you of the items concerned. All published prices exclude delivery charges, (if applicable) and VAT at the current UK rate of 20%. Fresh flowers are bought and sold at auction. Due to supply and demand, prices change on a daily basis. All published prices are valid only on the day of publication. If an error has been mae as far as pricing is concerned we reserve the right to refund any payments and not send the order.


Flowers & sundry accessories

All wholesale cut flowers are purchased from the Dutch Flower Auctions, growers and many other countries around the world to ensure the freshest possible blooms. Only the best quality flowers available are purchased on the day. Many flowers are seasonal and are not available year round. (Please always ask if your required variety is not shown on our web site).

Some featured images shown on the website may be for guidance purposes only (to show you the product on offer and not the quantity as this can differ with suppliers). Published stem lengths are approximations only.

For the benefit of photography, most floral illustrations shown are photographed in full bloom - we aim, where possible, to supply flowers in tight bud so they remain at their best for the longest time possible – it is important to bear this in mind when deciding on your delivery date. Advice is always available, so please always call us on 01394 385832 if you are unsure. Please note, our advice is only our opinion and there are many other factors that will determine how quickly cut flowers open, for example, how they are conditioned on receipt, what temperature they are kept in, how hot or cold the weather is etc. Also, please note, when ordering wholesale flowers we do expect the customer to have knowledge, experience & a certain skill level if not requesting our advice before purchasing. Triangle Nursery do not take responsibility for the conditioning of cut flowers, how long it takes for flower blooms to open and why the flowers were not suitable for specific projects once delivered. In the event of flowers being ordered too early and opening too soon as a result, Triangle Nursery Ltd are not obliged to offer any form of compensation or refund.

Triangle Nursery is a wholesale cut flower company - if the customer has no experience in the conditioning, handling, specific recommended use (such as which flower varieties should be used for specific projects) and timing of wholesale cut flowers we highly recommended that the customer does not buy wholesale flowers and, instead, employs the services of a fully qualified local florist. A complete Care & Conditioning guide is available on our web site & for more in depth instructions per variety please visit our Flower Guides.

Wholesale flowers should always be delivered approx. 2/3 days (sometimes longer depending on variety) before they are intended to be worked with as they require conditioning correctly & time to develop.

All cut flowers are purchased specifically per order - nothing is taken from general stock. If a customer orders cut flowers too early in error Triangle Nursery will always offer to hold them until a later delivery date but considering cut flowers are perishable goods will not take any responsibility for their condition when they are eventually delivered to the customer.

Please note, when viewing images on our web site the colour, shade and clarity will depend on the screen quality of your computer or tablet device.

Fresh flowers are living things & as such the colour of the petals may vary from bunch to bunch & will not always be identical or similar to the images published on our web site - please note, as long as Triangle Nursery Ltd have supplied the correct varietiy, no refunds can be issued for colour variance.


Availability and Substitution

If we are unable to supply any item we will notify you as soon as possible. In the event of substitute items being required of equal or greater value due to supply difficulties we will attempt to notify and seek agreement before despatching your order. Should we be unable to make contact with you regarding a substitution issue, Triangle Nursery Ltd. will carefully assess the position and attempt to make a balanced and fair judgement in the best interests of the customer taking into account the given circumstances. Such a judgement does not constitute a breach of our agreement and does not entitle the customer to a cancellation or refund.



In the unlikely event you are not entirely satisfied and feel you have just cause for complaint regarding the condition, quality, delivery or any other aspect of our goods or services, please email & attach pictures (images should include a close up of the blooms in question & a larger, zoomed out view of the complete bunch) to [email protected] no later than the day of delivery. Any claims made after 24 hours of receipt of delivery will not be accepted. All claims are dealt with fairly - usually within 48 hours or so from receipt of a complaint although this may take longer during peak periods. Please note, we cannot accept any claims due to the customers lack of skill & knowledge when it comes to working with wholesale cut flowers. Unless otherwise advised, it is assumed that when an order is placed, the customer is skilled in the preparation, handling and conditioning of cut flowers including when to take delivery before the intended event. A complete Care & Conditioning guide is available on our web site & for more in depth instructions per variety please visit our Flower Guides.



Once your fresh flower order has been confirmed with our buyers it is not possible to cancel or amend it although it may be possible to add items to the order if time permits. Floral Sundries can be cancelled only if they have not been dispatched to the delivery address. Any refunds will be processed within 30 days.


Returns & Refunds

In accordance with The Distance Selling Act and the Consumer Contracts Regulations, you are able to return floral sundries and accessories if you inform us of your decision within 7 days of receipt. (Please note, cut flowers & foliage are perishable goods and are not covered by The Distance selling Act or the Consumer Contracts Regulations). Once you have informed us of your decision, you have 14 days to do so at your expense. Once the item/s are received by Triangle Nursery Ltd in unused and re-saleable condition and in the original packing we will offer a full refund to the value of the goods returned.  Any refunds will be processed within 30 days. We are unable to offer the use of our contracted delivery company to collect the goods - you must arrange for the goods to be returned together with adequate insurance. A returns note must be included with the returned goods so we can easily identify them. A returns note will be issued by email by us once your returns request has been accepted. Floral sundries and accessories that are damaged on receipt will be refunded or exchanged. Please note that the cost of delivery cannot be refunded and the responsibility of returning any damaged goods is yours. If we have made the descision to substitute products after being unable to contact the customer by telephone the cost of the returns delivery will be down to the customer. Floral sundries and accessories orders can only be cancelled if the goods have not already been dispatched. Orders cannot be cancelled by email - you must call Triangle Nursery Ltd on 01394 385832 to do this. When ordering wholesale fresh cut flowers & foliage, it is not not possible to cancel or ammend the order - the reason being, as soon as your order is confirmed it is sent directly to our buyers system in Holland. Once the order has reached their system there is no time to change or cancel the order. (It may be possible to add items to the order if there is enough time allowing by calling Triangle Nursery Ltd on 01394 385832).

Always telephone us to add further items to your order - we will process the items for you saving further delivery costs at the check out. Please note, this service will only be available if the order has not already been dispatched to your address.

In the unlikely event that perishable fresh cut flowers and foliage are damaged on receipt, photographs have to be emailed to Triangle Nursery Ltd on the same day as delivery. We may process a credit to the value of the goods in question, (or send out a replacement, time allowing), once your request has been accepted. Claims for compensation are not accepted. Please send an email & attach photographs to [email protected] within 24 hours of receipt. Any perishable goods ordered in error will not be credited. Also, taking into consideration perishable goods will always vary due to the fact that they are natural products, no credits will be issued in the event colour variations (compared to our published images), approximate stem lengths, grades, shape or weights differ from our product descriptions or are different to similar products received on previous orders.


Product Warnings

In some cases Product Warnings may be applied to certain products. The warning will appear clearly when the product in question is added to the shopping basket. A general 'web site wide' warning may also be applied at certain times of the year. Credits will not be issued on items that carry Warnings if the advice on the warning has not been taken.


Delivery (Mainland UK)

MAINLAND UK DELIVERY: Delivery rates are clearly displayed in the checkout area of our web site. When using our overnight delivery service we offer four main services plus a Saturday delivery rate:

  1. Delivery any time before 6.45pm – (please note that Triangle Nursery will be unable to advise on estimated delivery times if choosing this option)
  2. Delivery before 12.45 pm – (option 2 is recommended as it ensures that your wholesale flowers are in transit for less time).
  3. Delivery before 10.45 pm – (option 3 is highly recommended as it ensures that your wholesale flowers are in transit for the shortest possible time).
  4. Delivery after 12 noon.
  5. Delivery on Saturday is an option any time before 5.45pm – (please note that Triangle Nursery will be unable to advise on estimated delivery times if choosing this option).

Delivery (Belgium, Channel Islands, Denmark, France, Germany, Holland, Luxembourg, Republic of Ireland & Northern ireland)

  1. It is only possible to place an order for the above countries by contacting Triangle Nursery on +44 1394 385832 - it is not possible to place your order directly on our web site as with Mainland UK orders.

Delivery to the above countries usually takes 2 days (48 hours). This is due to the distances involved and weather conditions that can effect ferry crossings. Failure to deliver on a customer's preferred delivery date does not constitute a breach of our agreement and does not entitle the customer to a cancellation or refund. Some perishable goods may not be suitable to be in transit for 48 hours - orders placed with Triangle Nursery are completely at the customers risk.


From experience we have found that 98% of orders are delivered before 11.45am when using mainland UK option 2). and 97% of orders are delivered before 10.15am when using mainland UK option 3). It is possible that when choosing mainland UK delivery options 2 & 3 deliveries are made after the target times due to unforeseen circumstances – in this event failure to deliver by the target times does not constitute a breach of our agreement and does not entitle the customer to a cancellation or refund.

Delivery to Northern Ireland, Scotland & Cornwall can often take 48 hours. This is due to the distances involved and weather conditions that can effect the ferry crossing. Failure to deliver on a customer's preferred delivery date does not constitute a breach of our agreement and does not entitle the customer to a cancellation or refund.

In the event that no one is available to accept delivery the driver is not permitted to leave the boxes – however, if permission has been agreed in advance it may be possible - in this situation neither Triangle Nursery Ltd or any delivery company acting on our behalf can be held responsible or accept any claim for loss or damage caused. Failing this a calling card will be left with instructions on collecting your flowers from their depot. Every effort is made to deliver on customers preferred date but this cannot be guaranteed.

Failure to deliver within a timed delivery or on a customer's preferred delivery date due to unforeseen circumstances does not constitute a breach of our agreement and does not entitle the customer to a cancellation, refund or any form of compensation (considering the fact wholesale flowers should be delivered 2-3 days before working with so they can be conditioned correctly this should never create a problem). In the event of an incorrect or incomplete address being provided we reserve the right to charge a redirection of delivery fee. Triangle Nursery Ltd. will not be held responsible for goods that cannot be delivered due to incorrect or incomplete address details provided by the customer and, as such, are not obliged to offer any form of compensation or refund.

Orders sent to military bases, hospitals, hotels, wedding venues, business premises etc. may be left at the main reception area for onward internal distribution. In this event, however, neither Triangle Nursery UK Ltd. nor any delivery company acting on our behalf, can be held responsible or accept any claim for loss or damage caused. Triangle Nursery Ltd cannot be held responsible for the goods not being distributed internally to the intended recipient.

Peak Periods

It is highly recommended to book your order for delivery a day earlier than usual during peak periods such as the run up to Christmas, the two weeks following Black Friday & Cyber Monday, the week leading up to Bank Holidays & the week following Bank Holidays as delivery companies are operating at full capacity during these times & there is a possibility your order may be delayed.

Placing an Order

We always advise customers to place their orders online using our web site as it gives the customer complete control of prices, quantities & grades required to fit individual budgets. It is not possible to create an account (and therefore place an order) without agreeing to these Terms & Conditions. In the event Triangle Nursery processes orders on the customer's behalf, the customer also agrees to these Terms & Conditions. In this case, Triangle Nursery will choose varieties, stem lengths & grades on the customer's behalf unless otherwise specified. A direct link to these Terms & Conditions will be clearly visible on the order confirmation email. Order confirmation emails will only be received if the correct customer email address is supplied.


Payment is taken via credit or debit card. We accept all major payment cards including American Express. Full payment is required before your order can be despatched for delivery.



We are committed to protecting your privacy and will only use the information we collect about you lawfully and in accordance with the 2018 GDPR rules (General Data Protection Regulation). We collect information about you for two reasons only: - 1) to process your order and, 2) to provide you with the best possible service.

At any point you can request to recieve news letters and promotions via email. You can easily unsubscribe from our mailing list by clicking on the 'unsubscribe' link on the bottom of any promotional email sent to you by us. (Please note, we do not sell our email mailing list to any third parties). Our full privacy policy is available to read here.


When using the 'Estimates' system please understand that the price of wholesale flowers change on a daily basis due to market demand & supply, therefore the estimate provided will only be our opinion of what flower prices may be around your requested event date. Estimates are intended to help customers with budgets, highlight products that may not be seasonally available and any price suggested is not a fixed quote.

Health and Safety

We strongly recommend all flowers, foliage, floral sundries and plants are kept out of the reach of children and should definitely not be consumed. We are not and can not be held responsible for any allergic reactions from foliage, flowers or their pollen. Please be aware that pollen from stamens (especially lilies) may stain any material it comes into contact with.

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