Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create an account?

To create an account, click on 'My Account' in the right hand corner of the top navigation bar.

Click on 'Create an account' and follow the instructions to create your account. This will only take a couple of minutes. 

How do I access my account?

To login to your account, click on 'My Account' in the top right hand corner of the navigation bar. 

Use your login details to sign in: Email address (username) and Password

How do I update my details on my account?

To change the details on your account, you can easily login to your Account in the top right hand corner on the navigation bar. 

In the left hand column, Click 'Update Details' and remember to hit 'Save.' 

How can I change my password?

Go to 'My Account' in the top right hand corner in the navigation bar and click 'Change Password.' 

How can I change my email address on my account?

Go to 'My Account' in the top right hand corner in the navigation bar. Click on 'Update my Details' and you will be able to change the email address. 

How can I change my billing address on my account?

Go to 'My Account' in the top right hand corner in the navigation bar. Click on 'Update my Billing Address' and you will be able to change the address. 

Can I change my delivery address on my order?

You will not be able to update the delivery address through your account. You will need to contact the team directly via email or telephone to amend the delivery address on the order. 

Do you offer advice before I buy?

Absolutely, this is what we are all about!

Buying wholesale cut flowers online can be a little daunting - the prices are always changing, flowers come in & out of season, matching different varieties together, blending colours and shades of colours, choosing different grades of flowers, deciding on what stem lengths are suitable for the job and what quantities of each to buy!

We have a number of resources available on the website that can help when planning for an event for free. Resources include: How To Demonstrations, Step-by-Step Gallery Guides, to Flower Guides for Seasonality and Conditioning on our Help & Advice Section.

Alternatively, you can buy and arrange a consultation with one of our florists.

Do you have any tutorials for flower designs or techniques?

Yes! To view all of our tutorials on Floral Design for Wedding, Sympathy and Seasonal Arrangements, visit our Help & Advice section. We have a selection of video tutorials and step-by-step guides. 

In addition, if you are on Facebook, I would recommend to visit and join in on our Live demonstrations with our in-house floristry department at Triangle Nursery. The videos are based on recommendations from our viewers. Click here to view our scheduled events for upcoming demonstrations with the team. 

How do I find out if a flower variety is in season?

The best way to find out the seasonality of particular flower varieties is to visit the Flower Guides. Each Flower Guides provides a monthly chart to identify if the variety is available for your particular date. 

Alternatively, you can visit our blog posts under Flowers in Season. Click here.

What does FFP mean?

Next to many cut flower varieties on our website, you will see the letters FFP. This is the symbol for Fair Flowers Fair Plants and ensures that these products have been grown in a responsible manner. You can read more about the FFP movement on their website here 

What does Buyers Choice mean?

For some of the Cut Flower Varieties on the website, you will notice the term 'buyers choice' or 'our choice'. This simply means that our buyers will buy the best value for money variety cut flower in the requested colour.

The variety will not nesessarily be the same as the image shown. This option is great when looking for the best value and the specific variety is not important. For example, if you choose Chrysant Sgl. Yellow (Buyers Choice), you will receive a Chrysanthemum Bloom in yellow, but it could be anything from Anastasia, Gargarin, Bislet to Elbrus etc. 

What does 'BA' stand for?

This refers to the quality code. This stands for Best Available at the time of the auction. 

What does 'A1' stand for?

This refers to the quality code. A1 indicates the best product. 

How do I find out when a flower variety is available?

The best way to find out whether a product is available at the time of your event is to use the Flower Guides on the website. 

Under 'Help & Advice,' find 'Flower Guides.' We have a extensive library of comphrensive flower guides available to view on the website that outline when the flower variety is available.

There are many flowers that are available to purchase all year round such as Roses, Freesia, Chrysanthemums, etc.

You may find that within a variety, such as Tulips. Some growers offer standard varieties in limited colours, but when in season, there is much more choice and more varieties available such as French, Parrot and Double varieties.

For more information, refer to the website or contact the team direct. 

Where do the Flowers come from?

We do not publish on the website the countries or growers that each flower variety comes from. 

There are many sources where the flowers come from including: 

- Aalsmeer Dutch Flower Auction

- Rijnsburg Dutch Flower Auction

- Italy (mostly greenery/foliage)

- Colombia (mostly roses, carnations, alstromeria) 

- Eucador (same as above) 

- Sri Lanka (mostly exotic flower/foliage varieties) 

- British Flowers


Is Flower Food included?

No, we do not supply flower food with your order. You are able to purchase this seperately. Please find here

Can I Order Weeks in Advance?

If you are purchasing through the Dutch Auctions, this is not possible. All of the flowers and foliage available and the prices can change on a daily basis (Aalsmeer and Rijnsburg Flower Auction). 

However, if you are purchasing Garden Roses (in wraps of 48 stems directly from the grower) or foliage (Sri Lankan) require a lead time (of either 1 or 2 weeks). For these products, you can either order via the website or contact the office directly on 01394 385 832. 

What will happen if one of the flower varieties is not available when ordering?

If one of the flower varieties on your wishlist is not available at the time of order, this will be highlighted once you have clicked through into your basket.

We would always recommend to search for the item again, as it may be available from a different auction or in a different stem length.

If my event is in 3 months, can I order now?

Unfortunately, you will be unable to place and make payment for the order until the dates supplied on the returned estimate.

This is because we work directly with the Dutch Auctions or/and the Growers and there is only a short window of time to ensure we get the best wholesale prices for you.

Prices change on a daily basis due to supply and demand (for example, different seasons, peak periods i.e. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter and the weather conditions).

How do I add items to my Shopping basket?

Adding products to your shopping card is very easy. Search for the product which you would like to add. Adjust the quantity required by selectin the '+' or '-' or changing the value and click on 'Add to Basket.'

How do I confirm the order?

Once you have added the items to your shopping basket, you will need to checkout and pay to confirm the order.

Please check you are happy with the contents including type, varieties and quantities before proceeding with the order. Once the order has been placed, it will be sent directly to the suppliers to be processed.

Can I place more than one order for the same day of delivery?

In the event that you need to add an additional item to an order, you will need to contact the team during opening hours or place an additional order. To avoid extra delivery charges, you can choose Click and Collect, but please ensure that you contact the team to inform them of the additon. 

What is a product warning?

Product warnings are applied to certain product(s) on the website and will appear clearly when the product in question is added to the shopping basket. 

In the event a product warning(s) is visible on the product(s) on the website, no credit(s) will be issued for the product(s) that carry warning(s); if the customer has not taken the advice and purchased at their own risk. At certain times of the year, we will add a banner at the top of the navigational bar that is 'website wide.' 

Where do I find the order invoice?

Once you have placed the order on the website, you will be sent an order confirmation to your email address. 

You will also be able to access the order invoice on your Accunt on the website. You can login to your account by clicking on 'My Account' in the top right hand corner in the navigation bar. 

From there, click on 'Order History' and you will be able to see all of the order invoices. It is here you can download the invoice by clicking on 'View.'

I have not received my order confirmation by email. Did I place the order?

Once the order has been placed, an email is automatically sent. There may be a chance that the email entered was incorrect or the email is in the junk or spam email folder. 

Contact the team for further assistance. 

Can I order in smaller quantities?

For the flowers available on the webite, we do not split the wholesale wraps.

There are many varieties that are available in smaller quantities such as Spray Roses (10), Lisianthus (10/20), Roses (20), etc. 

An alternative option is through our Flower Boxes or Mystery Flower Boxes.

Do you have a catalogue?

All of the prices of the flowers, flower boxes and accessories can be found on the website. We do not have a papercopy catalogue.

The prices on the website are updated on a regular basis. 

Why does the price of the flowers keep changing?

All of the flowers are specifically purchased for you by our buyers at the flower auctions.

As with any other auction, the price of each item is determied by the supply and demand on a daily basis. 

This can be a daunting part of buying wholesale flowers, but we are here to help you with every step to make the process less stressful and overwhelming.

Do you have a minimum order value?

The answer is no! There is no minimum order value required. All of your orders are important to us, no matter how small or large.

What payment do you accept?

Payment is taken via credit or debit card. We accept all major payment cards including VISA, Mastercard, AMEX. Full payment is required before the order can be despatched for delivery. 

Do you offer B2B Buy Now, Pay Later?

No, payments are taken in full at the time of order and before the day of despatch. 

Do you offer separate trade prices?

No, we only offer the wholesale prices as shown on the website. 

For PR or larger orders enquiries, contact the team directly via email or telephone.

Do you charge delivery?

Yes. We do charge for delivery.

Why? To stay competitive as a fresh flower wholesaler we only publish genuine prices. Unlike many retail companies who have the luxury of hiding their prices in all (or part) of the delivery costs in their product(s). All things combined we will always ensure you are paying the best possible price. 

Can I return my Fresh Flower order?

In accordance with The Distance Selling Act and the Consumer Contracts Regulations, cut flowers and foliage are perishable goods and are not covered. 

Can I return the floral sundries and accessories?

Yes! We accept returns for any floral sundries and accessories. Please follow the procedure: 

- Contact the office of your decision via telephone or email within 7 days of receipt. 

- The items must be unused and in a re-saleable condition. Place the items back into the original packaging and secure. 

- A returns note will be issued to you via email upon reuqest. The form must be included with the returned good(s) so it can be easily identified on receipt. 

- We are unable to offer the use of our contracted delivery company to collect the good(s). 

- Once the good(s) are received by Triangle Nursery Ltd, we will offer a refund to the value of the good(s) returned. 

- Any refund(s) will be processed within 30 days

- Floral sundries and accessories that are damaged will not be refunded or exchanged. 

- The cost of the delivery cannot be refunded and the responsibility of returning any good(s) is yours.

I have a problem with my order, what do I do?

Due to the nature of perishable product(s), any complaints, discrepanies or issues with product(s) must be rasied within 24 hours of receipt of delivrery and cannot be considered after this time.

You must contact the team via email or telephone. We advise you to send a photograph(s) of the problems you are experiencing with the product(s) via email to help us assess the problem(s) and allow us to resolve as quickly and efficiently as possible. In most circumstances, the team will offer a resolve such as replacement(s) or a refund. 

Claims for compensation are not accepted.

I have a problem with the colour(s) in my order, what do I do?

In this circumstance, we recommend that you contact the office and send through a photograph(s) of the product(s) via email. The team will endeavour to resolve the issue(s) as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Please note, a natural degree of variance can be expected against product listing(s) and image(s). No credits and/or compensation will be issued in the event of natural variation associated with colour, stem length, bloom size, grade, shape or weight etc. 

I have a problem with the quality in my order, what do I do?

Flowers are fresh, living product(s) and from time to time, we may experience quality issues.

If you experience any issues with quality on receipt of the order, please contact the team via telephone or email. Send through the photograph(s) to help us assess the situation and resolve for you as quickly and efficiently as possible. In most circumstances, the team will offer a resolve such as replacement(s) or a refund. 

Is the Delivery Date Guaranteed?

We will always attempt to deliver your order on the specified date. However, due to circumstances outside of our control, such as traffic conditions, breakdowns etc, a delivery on the following day may be possible. From experience, we have found that 99% of orders are delivered on the specified date.

How are my wholesale flowers and supplies packed?

All wholesale flowers, foliage and floral supplies are professionally packed in sturdy wholesale flower boxes. The flowers are wrapped in kraft paper, cardboard and tightly packaged into flower boxes. This is standard practice for transporting flowers by road and air freight. 

Only delicate flowers such as sweet peas are packaged using specially designed aqua packs to keep hydrated whilst in transit.

Where do you deliver?

We deliver to almost all areas of Mainland UK direct to your doorstep.

There are certain postcodes that we do not recommend delivery to such as areas of Scotland as they can take up to 2 days delivery and this is not ideal for all types of flower varieties. You can find the postcodes that require 2-4 day delivery service here. Alternatively, speak to the team on chat or call on 01394 385 832. 

We do not offer delivery to Europe, Northern or Southern Ireland.

Do you charge for delivery?

At the checkout you will see the fixed cost delivery options plus a Saturday delivery rate:

Standard UK weekday delivery (anytime before 6:45pm): £9.95 

Timed UK weekday delivery (before 12:45): £15.95 

Timed UK weekend delivery (before 10:45): £26.95 

Weekend delivery (charged at flat rate) £26.95

Sundry delivery only (anytime before 6:45pm) £7.95

All delivery charges are fixed, which means you can't pay anymore than the published prices. All of the prices are exclusive of VAT. 

What happens if I am out at the time of the Delivery?

You should always try to plan your delivery day and location so that someone will be available to receive your delivery.  This is particularly important if wholesale cut flowers are part of the order because they should be unpacked and conditioned as soon as possible. If, when placing your order, you know it is not possible for someone to be available, you must indicate where the goods can be left safely at your address or with a neighbour etc.  Please enter these “Delivery Driver Instructions” (maximum 50 characters) when placing your order on our website.  The information you enter is transferred automatically to DPD for their driver’s attention. 

On the morning of the designated delivery day, DPD will notify you of the approximate time they will make the delivery to the address.  This is in the form of an hour slot and is notified to you via automated text and email, using the contact details you have registered with Triangle Nursery.   If something happens on the day and no-one is now available to receive the delivery at the time indicated, you should inform DPD as soon as possible by responding to their automated text message or email.  Both have “Show My Options” facilities that allow you to select alternative arrangements directly with DPD.  If no alternative instructions are received by DPD, then the delivery driver is permitted to leave the goods in a place that they deem safe or return the goods to the local depot (for re-attempting delivery the following day).  In each of these circumstances, neither Triangle Nursery Ltd nor the courier acting on our behalf will be responsible or accept any claim for loss or damage to the goods.

If there any queries about delivery, please call us on 01394 385832 or email on [email protected]

What size vehicle will my flowers be delivered by?

The flowers will be delivered to you in a vehicle similar to a transit van. We do not use large lorries to delivery the consignment to you. 

Can I add delivery instructions?

You can add delivery instructions to the order at the Delivery section during Checkout. Information such as 'Leave in the porch' or 'Leave with a neighbour' 

The field only has limited characters available. For more details information or details about the order, you will need to contact the team directly with. your order reference number.

What happens if any of my order is not available?

In the event that the product(s) are not available, it is likely that the buyers will purchase a subsitute at the flower auctions. Reasons for sourcing substitutes include: inadequate supply, poor quality.

In most cases, if the specific colour variety is not available, the buyers will always attempt to source the closest substitute. For example, if Rose Spray Mirabel (red) is not available, the supplier will source a close substitute, i.e. Rose Spray Rubicon.

The team will assess the position carefully and contact the customer if necessary. If the substitute is not a good fit, the customer will be contacted to discuss further via telephone or email. In the event a substitution cannot be found or agreed upon, a credit for the product(s) will be issued. 

If we cannot reach you on the day of despatch, we will carefully asess the position and attempt to make a fair and balanced judgement in the best interests of the customer taking into account the given circumstances. If you do not agree with or accept the substitution, you are responsible for returning the good(s).

If the variety is not available (i.e. suddenly out of season), the buyers will most often contact the wholesalers to discuss and find a similar variety substitute. The customer will then be contacted in advance of receiving the order.