How to place an order

Step 1 - Browsing our Online Shop

You can browse our online shop for wholesale fresh cut flowers, foliage and floral accessories.

Browse the entire catalogue of fresh cut flowers and foliage, simply click the 'Fresh Flowers' button at the top of the website.

Click on a category to view all available products, current market prices, stem lengths, grades and wrap sizes. All of the products are priced per stem or per bunch.

Browse the entire catalogue of wholesale floral accessories, simply click the 'Accessories' button at the top of the website. Click on a catagory to view all products within that category.

Using Search Filters
For advanced cut flower and foliage browsing you can use the filters on the top left hand side of the web site where you can search by colour, price and alphabet. When you have selected your filters, simply click the 'Apply Your Filters' button. To de-select your filter choice, simply click on 'Clear Filters'.

Using Word Search
If you are looking for specific items you can use the word search facility at the top of the website. Simply type part or full name of an item, choose from which department on the drop down menu and click the pink 'Search' button.


Step 2 - Choosing Your Products

Once you have found a cut flower(s), foliage or floral accessory, you can click on the image for further descriptions. Cut flowers and foliage will show their current price per stem (or per bunch) visible together with the stem length, colour and how many stems per bunch.

Please always be aware that the rule of thumb is: the shorter the stem length, the smaller the flower head. The grade is generally lower too - keeping this in mind is vitally important when choosing roses especially as they can vary dramatically depending on stem length.

If you unsure which stem length or grade to choose, please just give us a call and we will be happy to advise.

When choosing floral sundries you can also click on the product for more details. Pack sizes and dimensions are shown where possible.


Step 3 - Adding Products to Your Shopping Basket


Once you have chosen a product, simply enter how many bunches or packs you require and then click the pink 'Add To Basket' button.To keep adding products to your order, click the grey 'Continue Shopping' button.

Creating a Wish List
If you want to create a list of your favourite items but don't want to purchase just yet you can add them to your shopping basket in the quantities required. Once all the items are in your basket, simply click on the basket icon (at the top right hand side of the web site) and you will see a list of your chosen products. On the right hand side of each product you will see a small gold star - by clicking on this star each item will be placed in your wish list. Next time you log into your account the products will still be waiting for you! Please note, cut flowers and foliage prices on this list will constantly change according to current wholesale market prices.

We are unable to split packs or bunches down. Eg. If a rose variety says there are 20 stems per batch we cannot supply only 10 stems. In this example roses are available in multiples of 20 stems - you can order 20, 40, 60, 80 etc etc.


Step 4 - Completing Your Order

Once all the products have been added to your shopping basket, simply click on the shopping basket at the top right hand side of the web site.

You will now see all your chosen items and a total including VAT. At this point items can be deleted by clicking on the red cross next to the product or extra items can be added by clicking on the 'Return to the Shop' button on the left hand side. Once you are happy with the order, click on the 'Proceed' button at the bottom right hand of the page.

The next page will ask you to log in with your username and password or create a new account. If creating a new account you be asked to fill in the billing address information. (The billing address is the address of the person whose payment card will be used to confirm the order).You can use our quick post code look-up facility or opt to fill in the address details manually.

If the delivery address is different to the billing address, please un-tick the 'Same as Billing' box below and enter the delivery address in the same manner. Click the 'Proceed' button.

You will now be shown a selection of delivery options: before 11.15am before 12.45pm, before 5.45pm and 'Collect from Store' (free).

An extra delivery option will be shown if ordering a floral accessories only order (no flowers or foliage).

Once your preferred delivery option has been chosen, click on the 'Proceed to Payment' button at the bottom right of the page. This takes you through to our secure payment page - now, simply fill in your payment details and your'e done!




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