How to Make a Simple, Contemporary Flower Arrangement


Time: 5 to 10 minutes

Step by Step Guide

  1. Soak the floral foam brick in fresh, clean water. Place the floral foam brick into the square round dish and secure with anchor (pot) tape. 

  2. Start by adding the Aralia leaves (3) to the design, cut short and position at the top of the oasis bricks and angled down to cover as much surface area as possible. 

  3. Now you can add the Gerbera Candela (5) to create a linear staggered design. Please note, the Gerbera have been previously wired using a 0.71mm gauge wire. 
  4. Add the lotus heads (wired) to the design opposite to the Gerbera Orange. 

  5. Fill in the gaps with the Asparagus ming fern at the base of the design. Make sure you cover all of the floral foam and the mechanics. 
  6. To create the caging with the Steel Grass (5), cut the ends of the stems and stagger around the edge of the design evenly. 
  7. Gather the pieces up into the middle (Make sure you do not cross the pieces over or twist them) and secure with a piece of green raffia or green twine.