Christmas Rustic Door Wreath


Step by Step Instructions

  1. Condition the foliage supplied in the box overnight (or at least for a couple of hours) before you start to create the wreath.

  2. Soak the wreath floral foam in water.

  3. Add the conifer to the inside and outside edge of the ring, making a "collar." Include some of conifer through the design to achieve continuity.

  4. Fill in the rest of the frame with the small leaf greenery (i.e. pistache, buxus, parvi - depending on supply).

  5. Next add the variegated greenery in a similar form making sure that it is evenly distributed across the entire frame.

  6. Next, add the Eucalyptus to create interest, texture and colour to the design. 

  7. Add the focal interest, the dried poppy heads to the design. 

  8. Next, add the pheasant feathers. Depending on your preference, you can either add in one by one or cut each feather in half for more coverage.

  9. Finally add in the pussy willow to the design. There are two ways in which you can add to the design.

    • Create a 'caged' look. Using a double leg mount, insert the end of the pussy willow into the outer edge of the frame. Loop the stem at a slanted angle, cut to the required length and insert into the inner edge of the frame. Continue to create the loops across the entire design. 
    • Another way is to simply cut the pussy willow into short lengths and insert similar to the pheasant feathers.
  10. Top Tip: Make sure to remove from its position when watering. Place on either a patio or draining board, water, allow to dry naturally and hang again to avoid any water drips on your front door or decorations.

  11. Top Tip: The DIY kit can be interpreted and made to suit your personal preference. You can use the foliage into the design to make a grouped design.