Chrysal Professional Glory Fact Sheet


• Chrysal Professional Glory is a water based spray developed to reduce transpiration and optmise freshness of all types

  of cut flowers and foliage, especially those without a water source.

• Easy and quickly to use

• Environment friendly product; water based and without propellant.



• Maintains the natural colours of flowers.

• Keeps leaves firm and green.

• Reduces deterioration.

• Provides a protective shield to flowers and leaves, without leaving drops and stains.

• Odourless product.


• Especially suitable for (bridal) arrangements and corsages.

• Easy to use.


• Reduces wastage.


• Store under cool and dark conditions, preferably between 5°C and 25°C.

• Shelf life: 18 months in sealed packaging and stored under the right conditions.

• Shake well before use.

• Lightly spray flowers and foliage from a distance of 25 - 40 cm (10” - 16”). 

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