Caring for your Dried Flowers

Tips for Caring for Dried Flowers

  1. Unlike fresh flowers, it is important not to add water to the vase. It makes their stems weak and can cause mould to form. Keep them warm and dry at all times.
  2. Dried flowers will naturally fade over time, particularly if they are placed in direct sunlight.
  3. Dried flowers can be very fragile and brittle when handled. You may see some fall out from grasses, some petals or some little blooms but don't despair. Collect the fallen and enjoy them in a different way. For example, with lavender you can add to a little pouch and place in a clothes draw to enjoy the calming fragrance.
  4. They are best kept away from the reach of children and pets to ensure they last the longest time.
  5. Avoid placing in busy walkways in the home or at an event.
  6. Ensure good airflow around the blooms and prevent temperature fluctuations. They will not fair well if stored in a stagnant or damp room as they may become moist and mould will form over time.