How to Make your Flowers Last Longer in Summer Months

In warmer weather, your flowers need some TLC. As we know (or you may not), heat is not a flowers best friend. Here, we reveal five tips and tricks to help your flowers thrive through the summer heatwave! 


Tropical flowers thrive in warmer temperatures, so it makes sense to make the most of them in the summer! From Anthuriums to Birds of paradise, if you are looking for a bloom that is low maintenance, striking and that last longer in the hot summer, this is your solution.

How to Care for Flowers in Summer

  1. Just like us, flowers drink alot more when it is hot outside. Not only this but the water in the container can evaporate faster at higher temperatures. It is important to monitor the water level and whether the flowers look dry.
  2. It is important to refresh the water regularly. Not only does the water tend to evaporate in the summer, but the bacteria growth happens faster. The more bacteria in the water, the faster your flowers will wilt. Normally you would need to change every 2 to 3 days, but if you notice the flowers wilting or drying out, it is worth changing the water more regularly, every day.
  3. In summer, we welcome the lovely breeze, but it can bring unexpected challenges whilst caring for our favourite blooms. Just like winter, temperatures can yo-yo in our households with the heating, air conditioning and opening windows/doors. The flowers will do better if they're not subjected to drastically changing temperatures and droughts.
  4. From day to night, it is important to acknowledge the best temperature to keep your blooms in. Make sure you place your flowers in a sheltered cool spot and keep away from air conditioning, open doors and windows. Especially at night, just like us, flowers do not like sleeping in a room too hot! Would you agree?
  5. When the suns is out, we are! On the other hand, flowers prefer a more shady position away from the direct sunlight. When it is hot, the moisture that the flowers have absorbed in the petals and the leaves is drawn out and this can cause the flowers to dry out or even burn if in direct sunlight. Make sure you monitor where the flowers are positioned in your home or office, making sure that even after a few hours they are still in the shade.