Chrysal Liquid Flower Food Fact Sheet


• Supplies flower arrangements with a variety of cut flowers in vase and floral foam with all necessary nutrients.

• For the complete development of flowers.


• Improves flower opening, flower colour and leaf quality.

• Prolongs vase life by up to 60% compared to water alone.

• Vase life guarantee of over 7 days possible.

• Mixes easily, clearly and without odour in water.

• Lowers the pH of the water.


• Suitable for all types of tap water.

• No need to change the water or to re-cut stems during the period in the vase.


• Reduces flower wastage

• Reduces the number of possible consumer claims.

• Added quality value at low cost per stem.


• Store under cool and dark condi ons, preferably between 5°C and 25°C.

• Shelf life: 18 months when stored under the right conditons.

• PH of the ready to use solution: 3.5 – 5.5 depending on the alkalinity of the water.

• Dosage: 30 ml per litre of water.

• Do not use in unprotected metal vases (zinc, copper, iron) or (antique) crystal vases.

• If necessary top up vase with water containing Chrysal Clear cut flower food.

• Residual solutions may be drained into the sewer system.  

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