How to Create an Autumn Vase Arrangement in foam


how to create autumn seasonal arrangement

Step by Step

  1. Cut a brick of foam to fit in your vase of choice, Soak the foam and cover it with foliage/leaves or fabric and pop into the vase. If you are using a coloured vase which will hide your foam then you do not need to cover it. Make sure its nice and secure in the vase.
  2. Start by using your foliage to create the overall height and shape you would like to achieve.
  3. Place your focal flowers, in this case they would be the roses and chrysanthemum blooms. You may need to remove the guard petals from the roses to show of their true beauty.
  4. Next i would add in the Carthamus and Chrysanthemum spray code green. You can cut the stem down at various points to utalise the whole stem. You could even pop a few heads into the back of the arrangement to hide your foam.

  5. The thaspi can be cut down and slotted in-between the flowers, adding a contrasting colour and texture. If you have any leftover foliage, this can be added in now. Make sure to cover all exposed foam. 
  6. You can add in a seasonal pick to finish your arrangement. (optional)