How to Make a Pomander


Top Tips

  1. Remember to not over soak the foam because you don’t want it to be too heavy or for the water to drip and run down the dresses, or ruin the ribbon etc

  2. This style of arrangement can be made up the day before the wedding. 

  3. Ensure to condition the flowers well before you start working with them. All the information on conditioning can be found on the website. 
  4. To store the flowers when made up, suspend the arrangement using door handles, etc. to ensure the flowers are not damaged or bruised on a flat, hard surface. Store the flowers in a cool environment. 
  5. If using for a bridesmaid arrangement, remember to consider the age - this will be a determining factor for choosing the size of the pomander. For instance, for some younger bridesmaids, we would suggest to opt for a 6 to 9cm sphere as opposed to a 12cm for an adult bridesmaid. 

  6. For the handle you can use various materials - ribbon, pearls, raffia, hessian, anything that is substantial enough to support the sphere. For younger bridesmaids, it is important that you use a material that is comfortable on their hands as they are likely to be holding it all day.