Cakes with Fresh Flowers


Top Tips you Should Know

  1. Fresh Flowers, even well conditioned and prepared, are perishable goods. Check what time your cake will be delivered. From your research or talking to a florist, how will the flowers be displayed on the cake? Can it remain fresh 'looking' until you cut it, especially for the photographs! In the summer, it is worth assessing the temperature in the venue, if it is too warm, you will need to take the cake away for a few hours and store in a cool spot. 
  2. Do check with your cake maker and/or florist that all the flowers and the foliage used on the cake are non-toxic. Also make sure that all stems are taped correctly. 
  3. Using fresh flowers on your cake can be a great way to save money compared to the more time consuming sugarpaste or chocolate flowers option. However, you will need to take into account the time required for on-site finishing. 

  4. Consider the design on the cake you would like to create using the fresh flowers. For a romantic style, use clusters of flowers and trailing jasmine, ruscus or dendrobium orchids. For a festival vibe, use bright and colourful wild flowers around the cake. For a English country garden, create rings of roses, delicate petals and foliage to give an elegant appearance using flowers from your bouquets and surrounding decor. Talk to your cake maker about it. 

  5. Be prepared to be open to ideas and designs, especially using fresh flowers. Depending on the weather, the supplier and varying factors you might need to change your designs to ensure that it can be achieved. For instance, brides love peonies, but they are not available all year round, only from May to July or a variety may unexpectedly end the season early. 

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