How to Make a DIY Christmas Tree


Learn How to Make a Miniature Christmas Tree to Decorate your Home this Festive Season! This Step-by-Step guide is the perfect activity to enjoy with children, friends and family! 

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Prepare your ingredients before you start constructing your Christmas Tree. This includes conditioning the foliage and flowers overnight before you start working with them and soaking the floral foam. 
  2. Place the floral foam brick into the ceramic / container and position the cone on top (this should resemble a christmas tree shape). To secure, push a plant stick through the top to the bottom and trim the excess. Use the excess to secure the sides for further stability. 

  3. Starting off with the base of the tree using slightly larger pieces and creating a 'Christmas Tree' 

  4. Cut several smaller pieces of foliage and begin to fill in the floral cone as you move up the tree. You can cherry pick the foliage as you go along. 

  5. As you get to the top of tree, the floral cone will be more fragile - be careful as you don't want to lose the top of your tree! 

  6. Now you have based your Christmas Tree with your choice of foliage, you can now start to add the decorations - from decor lights, artificial fruits, feathers, berries etc.