Types of Containers


Choosing your containers and vases for your wedding, event or special occasion is important. This can work one of two ways: 

(1) Figure out what your concept is and find the vase that suits your vision; or 

(2) Find the vases that seem relatively workable and figure out what flowers to put into them. 

Top Tips

  1. Be aware of the scale, especially the width and the height of your containers. Something that may look huge in the store, may in fact look dwarfed on a large rounded table. 

  2. Have a trial with your containers. Place the container in the centre of your dining room table and pull up a chair and look at the person opposite. Can you see them? Is your vision blocked? As a general rule of thumb, you'll want to keep your tall pieces at 24" or higher and your shorter at 12" or under. 
  3. Remember to take the venue into account when deciding on the table centres and containers you would like to use. For instance, low or high ceilings? Contemporary or rustic? 

  4. Mix short and tall centrepieces to help make a space feel more vibrant and full. There is nothing worse than walking into a reception space that feels empty or under-decorated