Luxury Red Rose Kissing Ball


Step by Step Instructions

  1. Condition the roses overnight (or at least for a couple of hours) before you start creating the kissing ball to make sure they are fully hydrated before inserting into foam.

  2. Soak the foam in water. Make sure you do not force the foam under the water and be careful not to oversoak the foam, as this makes the sphere very heavy and fragile. You will have drippage from the sphere whilst working with the design so make sure to work with it in a suitable environment. 
  3. Cut the garden cane into 2 x 10 to 12cm lengths 

  4. Make a loop with the ribbon and secure firmly with a double leg mount using the green stub wire supplied. Be aware that this will be required to support the weight of the entire design from a height!

  5. Insert the ribbon through the centre of the sphere using the wire as a guide.

  6. Using the garden cane lengths as a cross at the bottom of the sphere, bend the wires from the ribbon loop over the square and push back into the foam to anchor in place. Make small hairpins to use for extra secruity with the wire supplied.

  7. Cut the hard ruscus, roses and spray roses into 10 to 12cm lengths. Make sure you save any suitable foliage from the flowers to help fill in the gaps. After all, you pay for the entire stem, so you may aswell use it! 

  8. Insert the Hard Ruscus throughout the sphere creating an even appearance.

  9. Place the roses, followed by the spray roses into the wet foam sphere maintaining an even overall coverage.

  10. Fill in any gaps with the remaining foliage and any leftovers until you are happy with the overall look.
  11. Top tip: Once you have completed the design, leave overnight or for a couple of hours to allow the design to drain and stop dripping before placing into position.

  12. Top tip: Remove from position before watering the design, ideally on a draining board or outside on the patio. Water, allow to drain and reposition. You will need to hydrate to promote the longevity of the design, especially if placed in a warm, domestic environment. 

  13. Hang in desired position and enjoy for the festive season.