Pinecone Kissing Ball


Step by Step Instructions

  1. First, you will need to wire the pine cones supplied with the green stub wire. Using the stub wire, loop the wire around the through the lower segments of the cone, bringing the wire together and twisting to secure.

  2. Make a loop with the ribbon and secure firmly with a double leg mount using the stub wire. Be aware that this will be required to support the weight of the design.

  3. Cut 2 x 10 to 12cm lengths of garden cane

  4. Insert the ribbon through the centre of the sphere using the wire as a guide

  5. Using the garden cane lengths as a cross at the bottom of the sphere, bend the wires from the ribbon loop over the square and push back into the foam to anchor in place

  6. Top Tip: Grade the pine cones into size, small to large

  7. Start with the smaller cones at the top, insert the wired cones evenly throughout the dry foam sphere until you have an "ball" ideally with no gaps

  8. Hang in position and enjoy all season long! 

  9. Top tip: You can further accessories the design with twinkling lights, spray paint to match your decor or snow spray.

  10. Top Tip: Instead of using wires supplied, if you have in your craft or tool kit, you can always use a glue gun to secure the cones onto the sphere.