Rustic Kissing Ball


Step by Step Instructions

  1. Condition the foliage overnight (or at least a few hours) before working with the design.

  2. Soak the sphere in water before use. Do not force the foam under and be careful not to oversoak the sphere, as this makes the sphere heavy and fragile. Make up in a suitable area as you may have drippage whilst working with the design.
  3. Cut the garden cane into 2 pieces approx 10 to 12cm.

  4. Make a loop with the ribbon and secure firmly using a double leg mount with the green stub wire supplier. Be aware that this will be required to support the weight of the entire design.

  5. Insert the ribbon into the centre of the sphere using the wire as a guide.

  6. Using the garden cane lengths as a cross at the bottom of the sphere, bend the wires from the ribbon loop over the square and push back into the wet foam to anchor in place. You can also use small hair pins (made from green stub wire) for extra anchorage.

  7. Cut the foliage into smaller pieces, approx 10 to 12cm lengths.

  8. Starting with the conifer, then the variegated leaf, then the eucalyptus and finally the small leaf foliage. Cover completely achieving an even, balanced appearance overall.
  9. Place the papaver (poppy) heads into the design in aesthetically pleasing positions. Bear in mind, that the kissing ball may be hung above head height! 

  10. Hang in a desirable position and enjoy this festive season!

  11. Top Tip: Rest overnight or for a couple of hours before hanging the design above your carpet or best flooring.

  12. Top Tip: Remember to water the design as you are using fresh foliage, especially if you are in a warm, domestic environment. Remove from the location, place on a draining board or outside on the patio, water, rest and replace.

  13. Top tip: Further accessorise the design with berries, fresh flowers, pine cones, lotus heads, snow spray, spray paint, etc to suit your christmas decorations!