Traditional Blue Spruce Kissing Ball


Step by Step Instructions

  1. Soak the sphere in water being careful not to oversoak, as it makes the sphere very heavy and fragile. You will also have drippage from the sphere whilst working with the design, so make sure to make it up in a suitable environment!
  2. You can prepare the wired items in advance, both the dried slices and berries. For the berries, wire in sets of two using the green stub wire supplied to create a double leg mount, similar to the dried fruit.

  3. Make a loop with the ribbon and secure firmly with a double leg mount using the stub wire supplied in the kit. Be aware that this will be required to support the weight of the entire design.

  4. Insert the ribbon through the centre of the sphere using the wire as a guide.

  5. Using the garden cane lengths as a cross at the bottom of the sphere, bend the wires from the ribbon loop over the square and push back into the wet foam to anchor in place. Use loops of wire for extra secruity.

  6. Cut the blue spruce into 10 to 12cm pieces.

  7. Completely cover the sphere with the spruce maintaining an even coverage throughout.

  8. Evenly insert both the berries and the dried fruit slices throughout the sphere.

  9. Leave overnight before hanging in the position to allow time to drain.

  10. Top Tip: You can add further accessories to add a personal touch to the design, spray paint, snow spray paint, glitter, baubles, lotus heads, battery lights etc. to suit your home or office christmas decor

  11. Top tip: To promote the longevity, hydrate the kissing ball every so often, especially if placed in a particularly warm location. Remove from hanging position and water in a suitable environment i.e. draining board or outside on patio, allow to drain and re-position.

  12. Top tip: When working with the design, if you do not have somewhere to hang, use your fingers to strategically hold the design. Do not forget to fill in once you have finished if any gaps.

  13. Top Tip: Remember that the bottom or underside of the design will be viewed so make sure the design is consistent throughout and not just on the sides and top. Work around the design viewing from all angles!