Christmas Long Low Traditional Arrangement with Red Roses


Step by Step Instructions

  1. Soak the floral foam and condition the flowers and greenery overnight (or at least for a couple hours) prior to working with it.

  2. Create an outline with the greenery supplied in the box, making sure to include pieces throughout the composition to achieve continuity.

  3. Add the focal flowers, the roses to the design.

  4. Next, add the remaining flowers to emphasise the focal flowers and reinforce the shape.

  5. Wire and add the dried fruits and pine cones to the design.

  6. Finally, check if there are any gaps in the design and fill in with any leftover greenery.

  7. Top tip: Add candles, either taper or chapel candles using a plastic candle holder to create ambiance. (Disclaimer: please do not leave the candles unattended and out of reach of children).

  8. Top tip: 'You pay for the whole stem, so make sure you use it!' Remember to use the greenery (depending on quality) on the roses and other flowers to fill in any gaps.