Christmas Luxurious Door Wreath


Step by Step Instructions

  1. Condition the flowers before you start working with them. Depending on the stage of Amaryllis, you may need to bring on the development should you wish to include in the wreath. Cut the stems short and place in luke warm water in a warm, domestic environment. This will bring on the development of the blooms. For the other items including roses, greenery and hypericum, condition and place in a cool, dark environment ready until ready for use. 

  2. Top Tip: When the Amaryllis is developing, make sure to remove the pollen from the centre of the flower.

  3. When you are ready to make the wreath, soak the floral foam in water.

  4. Starting with the greenery, create a base with the pistache (small leaf) until it is covered as much as possible. This includes the inner, outer and top part of the ring. 

  5. Next, add the focal flowers to the arrangement. Remove the individual blooms from the Amaryllis, cherry picking the best blooms for the focal position on the top of the frame. Insert the rest around the edge of the ring until they are all used. They will develop further whilst in the foam. 

  6. Compliment the Amaryllis by placing the red roses in any 'natural gaps' remebering to include any suitable rose foliage throughout.

  7. Finally, add the hypericum in aesthetically pleasing positions to emphasise the focal flowers and reinforce the shape of the design. You can also use the foliage on the stems to fill in any gaps in the design.

  8. Wire orange slices and cones, and insert into design

  9. Use the twine to create a loop with which to hang the wreath in its desired destination.