Luxurious Miniature Christmas Tree


Step by Step Instructions

  1. Soak the floral foam cone in water. Be careful to not force into the water and oversoak as it can become very fragile and heavy. 
  2. Condition the flowers overnight (or at least for a couple of hours) before you start creating the arrangement to ensure they are fully hydrated.

  3. Push the cone into the container ensuring that it is straight or level. 

  4. Insert the cane or pick into the top of the cone to aid stability.
  5. Start by cutting the foliage, hard ruscus into small pieces comprising of 2 or 3 leaves per piece.

  6. Insert the hard ruscus into the cone creating an even appearance. 

  7. Place the roses in next, followed by the spray roses maintaining an even overall finish. 

  8. Fill in any remaining gaps with the hard ruscus and the rose foliage (if conditioned and suitable).

  9. Place in a suitable surface away from direct heat sources and keep hydrated. 

  10. To promote the longevity, it is important to water the arrangement. You can either mist with a water spray or remove the arrangement from the position and place on draining board or outside, water, allow to rest and re-position. This will need to be done every couple of days especially in a warm domestic environment.

  11. Top tip: If you are making up for a dinner party or for your christmas table, you can green up the design in advance and add the roses later to save time.