Pinecone Miniature Christmas Tree


Step by Step Instructions

  1. Wire the pinecones supplied in the kit. Using the stub wires, loop the wire around and through the lower segments of the cone, bringing the wire together and twisting to secure.

  2. Place the dry cone into the zinc container ensuring the cone is straight. 

  3. Grade the wired cones according to size from small to large. 

  4. Starting with the larger cones at the base, create a ring of cones between the top of  the container and the cone.

  5. Gradually build up the layers of the cones graduating in size until 3/4 way up the cone. 

  6. Using the smallest cones, work from the top of the cone downwards, to meet the cones already placed creating an even "tree".

  7. Place in position and enjoy this everlasting design for Christmas and year round!

  8. Top tip: You can accessorise this by using lights, berries, dried fruits or you can spray paint / snow spray to suit your Christmas decor in your home this year!

  9. Position on your table, coffee table or mantlepiece! The design is very versatile and will last! 

  10. Top tip: If you prefer and have access to in your tool or craft kit, you can also use a glue gun to attach the pine cones instead of the wires.