Rustic Miniature Christmas Tree


Step by Step Instructions

  1. Soak the wet cone, being careful not to oversoak as it can become very heavy and fragile (especially the tip of the cone).

  2. Push the cone into the zinc container ensuring it is level, and insert the pick or cane through the centre of the cone to aid stability and create a feature at the top of the tree (if star pick is used).

  3. Cut all of the greenery supplied into small pieces, approx. 10 to 12cm.

  4. Start by adding the conifer to the design, and then the other foliage to add interest and texture throughout. Making sure to completely cover the cone achieving an even, balanced appearance overall. 

  5. Place the papaver (poppy) heads in aesthetically pleasing positions.

  6. Once you have completed and are happy with the design, place on a suitable surface away from direct heat and spray regularly to keep hydrated.

  7. Top tip: Accessorise the design to add a personal touch and match your decor. For example, you could add dried fruits, cones, berries, lights, snow spray, etc.

  8. Top tip: To water and promote longevity, remove from position and place on a draining board or outside onthe patio, allow to rest and reposition. Alternatively, you can mist with water to keep the arrangement hydrated.