Traditional Miniature Christmas Tree


Step by Step Instructions

  1. Soak the floral foam cone in water. Be careful not to force into the foam or oversoak the foam as it can become very fragile and heavy.
  2. Insert the batteries into the lights and place the battery pack into the container leaving the string of lights free, but switched on. 

  3. Insert the cone into the container securely ensuring it is level. 

  4. Insert the star pick through the centre of the foam cone to aid stability and create a feature for the top of the tree. 

  5. Cut the blue spruce into small pieces approx. 10 to 12cm. Once cut, grade into small to large to aid construction. The larger pieces will be used at the base and gradually getting smaller as you move up the tree.
  6. Cut approx. 5 to 6 wires into 7 to 8cm lengths and bend into a hairpin shape.

  7. Wire the berries (decoration) into sets of two using the stub wire using a double leg mount. 

  8. Begin to construct the tree, starting at the base, add a collar of spruce.

  9. You can either pin in the lights to the tree first and then add the spruce OR add in as you go. 

  10. Strategically pin the strand of lights close to the first bulb hiding the wire into the spruce.

  11. Continue to add the spruce and lights to the design until the entire cone is covered.

  12. Ensure the lights are evenly distributed. By keeping them switched on (similar to your real Christmas tree at home), it helps to judge their placement!

  13. It's time to decorate! Insert the red berries (and any other decor you have for the mini tree) in aesthetically pleasing positions.

  14. Ta-da! Place the mini tree on a suitable surface away from direct heat source and spray / mist to keep hydrated regularly (as the spruce is fresh!)

  15. Gently remove the cone from the container to switch the lights off or to replace the batteries.

  16. The design is very versatile! It can be used on the mantlepiece, coffee table, table arrangement or as a gift for a friend or family member!