How to Make a Dried Lavender Wreath


This wreath enhances any decor with subtle lavender tones and beautiful fragrance. It is said to promote calmness, wellness and even reduce anxiety and stress. It would be perfectly suited to a doctors or therapist waiting room or hung in a bedroom or living room if you lead a busy lifestyle. It could even be incorporated into a wedding for pew ends or as decoration in the reception. 

Top Tips

  1. Long lasting, perfect for home decor and interior styling! However, the colour will fade overtime 
  2. Quite messy and the stems dried are quite brittle. Make sure you make up the design in a suitable environment and not on your best dining table or carpet! 

  3. Depending on the size of wreath that you are making will depend on the quantity of dried lavender required to make the wreath. If you are creating a smaller wreath, break down the the bunch into smaller bunches to make it easier to construct. 

  4. If you are eco-conscious, instead of using binding wire to construct on a wire base, you can use garden twine or string on a vine base. If you do it on a wire base, you can always re-use again at Christmas for your door wreath. 
  5. If used for a wedding, the lavender fragrance will evoke fond memories in later life as a reminder of your wedding day!