Introduction to February Birth Colour: Sheer Lilac


In February, our focus for the month is Sheer Lilac, the February birth colour. We explore the meaning of the colour based on Colorstroloy (by Micheel Bernhardt), along with different flower varieties in this colour pallette.

Flower varieties mentioned in this video are:

- Carnation Florigene Moonaqua

- Rose Spray Ocean Mikado

- Asparagus Fern Dyed Lilac

- Syringa (Lilacs) Vulg Sensatioon- 2 Buds

- Freesia Blue Moon

- Vanda Orchid Delft Blue

- Stochs Mathilda Lavender

- Clematis Amazing London

- Lisianthus Corelli (Double) Lavender/Lilac

- Allium Gladiator

- Dried Lavender