How to Make a Kissing Ball


This video demonstrates How to Make a Kissing Ball. 


What is a Kissing Ball? 

A Kissing Ball are decorative balls of evergreen, holly and herbs that hang over doorways. The herbs on each “kissing ball” were not only chosen for their beauty, but also for their symbolic value. Lavender and rosemary signified loyalty and devotion, while thyme promoted courage. Mistletoe was a popular decorative choice symbolizing good fortune and fertility. The kissing ball began to emphasise romance, rather than mere good will.


Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Prepare your ingredients before you start constructing your Kissing Ball (1) Condition all the foliage and flowers overnight before you start working with them (2) Soak the oasis sphere in water 

  2. Create the hanger for the kissing ball with ribbon - create a loop with your choice of ribbon by folding in half and secure with a 'double leg mount' 

  3. Thread the wire all the way through the pre-soaked oasis sphere and anchor the wire with small pieces of plant sticks (as shown in the video). 

  4. Cut your Fresh Flowers & Choice of Foliage into smaller pieces (approx. 3 inches) ready to position into the sphere 
  5. Start placing the shorter stems into the Kissing Ball - keeping a fairly even balance of varieties