Useful Tools for Weddings


It's important to purchase your florist tools in advance or with your order to ensure you have the right tools for the job! 


  1. Florist Knife: These little blades are hand-sized and very easy to hold, so you can have your flower in one hand and this handy tool in the other. They are made sharp for a clean cut - making sure there is as little damage to the flowr bud as possible. 
  2. Rose Strippers: Otherwise known as de-thorners, they are a valuable tool and save your hands that painful prick of a finger! Designed to 'strip' the rose stem clear of thorns quickly. It will not damage the rose stem. 
  3. Foliage Strippers: Another tool similar to a rose stripper, is the foliage stripper that easily removes the foliage leaving a clean stem. 
  4. Economy Scissors: Always use seperate scissors when working with your flowers and foliage to working with ribbon and fabric. Make sure you use sharp scissors to cut ribbon.