Useful Tools for Weddings


It's important to purchase your florist tools in advance or with your order to ensure you have the right tools for the job! 

Essential Tools

  1. Florist Knife: These little blades are hand-sized and very easy to hold, so you can have your flower in one hand and this handy tool in the other. They are made sharp for a clean cut - making sure there is as little damage to the flower bud as possible. 
  2. Rose Strippers: Otherwise known as de-thorners, they are a valuable tool and save your hands that painful prick of a finger! Designed to 'strip' the rose stem clear of thorns quickly. It will not damage the rose stem. 
  3. Foliage Strippers: Another tool similar to a rose stripper, is the foliage stripper that easily removes the foliage leaving a clean stem. 
  4. Wires: From supporting a stem internally or externally (green stub wire) to stitch wiring leaves (rose/silver wire), there are different wires that you will need depending on your flower and foliage choices for the event. 
  5. Tapes: An essential in your florist box for all types of arrangements. Anchor tape (or otherwise known as pot tape) is available in different widths and can be used to secure the stems of a bouquet or anchor in a piece of floral foam into a container. Parafilm tape is commonly used for creating buttonholes and corsages. 
  6. Plastic buckets: Make sure you have plenty of buckets (clean) to start the initial process, the conditioning of the flowers! All the information can be found on the website or in the box on receipt of the flower order on our leaflet! Once the conditioning is finished, you can always store in the bouquets in if you do not have any other containers, i.e. living vases. 
  7. Leafshine: Ideal for cut foliage i.e. Aspidistra, Soft Ruscus to add an instant shine or glossy appearance to the foliage. It prevents dust and reduces evaporation. 
  8. Flower food: Designed to help with the development of flowers and to prevent any bacteria during the conditioning process, this is essential in preparation for an event. Sold in bottles or sachets separately on the website.