How to Make a Simple Gypsophila Wreath


  1. Cut the stems at a 45 degree angle and pop into a clean bucket of fresh water, leave for a few hours to fully hydrate before using.

  2. Cut down the stems, removing the lower breaks ensuring all parts of the stem are utilized and are more managable. 

  3. Using the reel wire, you will need to secure this onto the wire wreath frame.

  4. Create small cut down clusters of the Gypsophilia and bind onto the frame using the reel wire.

  5. When adding clusters, make sure to use the heads of the next bunch to cover the stems of the perivious bunch. 

  6. Once back to the beginning, slot the last remainging cluster into the gap, and slot the stems behind the heads of the first bunch. 

  7. Bind with the reel wire, cut with a length remaining and secure around the back of the wire ring to finish. 

  8. Fluff out the Gypsophilia and cut any rouge stems to neaten the design.