How to Bind a Wedding Posy using Hessian Ribbon


Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Once you have completed the bouquet, secure with twine and anchor tape (otherwise known as pot tape). 

  2. Start by positioning the ribbon on the tying point and holding with your thumb. 

  3. Due to the thickness of the hessian ribbon, you will not need to wrap the ribbon around the tying point too many times. Make sure you pull the hessian tightly to ensure that it is secure. 

  4. When you are happy with the look, cut the hessian ribbon with scissors leaving a trail.
  5. Fold the ribbon left, back on itself to disguise any rough cut edges and secure with pins. 
  6. Make sure you push the pins in and upwards into the top of the bouquet. If you were to push the pins in and directly across, there is risk that the pins will poke out the other side and hurt the individual holding the bouquet.